Perseverance | ˌpərsəˈvi(ə)rəns (noun) – To continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no prospect of success.

After accumulating months worth of travel time in the belly of a ’97 Dodge Ram, helplessly gazing in to the beer-soaked electronics of their amplifiers and consistently straining their vocal chords to no avail. Long Island based progressive hardcore outfit, Johnny Booth, celebrate the debut of their full length record, Connections. The album is currently available now in both digital and physical formats, courtesy of Hotfoot Records.

The unrelenting five piece unit channels the aggression and mindset of the early 1980’s underground thrash pioneers while putting their own spin on the sounds of contemporary heavy music, allowing Johnny Booth to lay the foundation for the immensity of their sonic landscape. The band also draws influence from various experimental and progressive groups which calls for the subtle, yet complex instrumental passages that are found intertwined amongst the 36 minutes of aural intensity that is, Connections.

Johnny Booth consists of Andrew Herman on vocals, Adam Halpern and Ryan Strong on guitars, Steven DiModugno on bass and Adam Ingoglia on drums. Connections has been receiving critical acclaim from various media sources and is starting to become an instant favorite, as regarded by long time members of the metal and hardcore community. Connections also features Tommy Rogers of Between the Buried and Me, courtesy of Metal Blade Records. Rogers is featured on Connections during the album’s seventh track, “Ink and Sky.”

Johnny Booth has been on the road, touring in support of Connections and is currently looking for new regions to explore in an effort to put forth the art, music and thoughts that make up the group’s debut effort.

Johnny Booth can be contacted at for any and all inquiries.

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